MoliCare - Premium Slip - Compo

MoliCare® Premium Slip

Moderate to heavy incontinence slips for reliable protection

Skin-friendly pH of 5.5 and highly air-permeable material for healthy skin climate

Soft, textile-like material for comfortable feeling

Antibacterial and hypoallergenic to protect skin

Odour neutralizer provides discreet feeling

MoliCare® Premium Slip - for moderate to severe incontinence

MoliCare® Premium Slip provides the highest form of protection within the MoliCare® range. Different absorbency levels can absorb between 4 and 6 heavy urine losses* to serve all kinds of urinary and/or fecal incontinence. During heavy incontinence and the continuous use of incontinence products, it is crucial to protect the skin. Therefore, MoliCare® Premium Slip protects the skin with a skin-friendly pH of 5.5 while absorbing and locking in urine to prevent rewetting and maintain a dry skin.

Skin protection with pH 5.5

MoliCare - Labels - Icon - Active Skin Protection

Odour neutralizer

MoliCare - Labels - Icon - Odour Neutraliser

Easy and secure application for comfortable fit

MoliCare Premium Mobile - Icons Labels - shaped fit
MoliCare - Labels - Icon - Air Active

Soft, breathable material

MoliCare Premium Mobile - Icons Labels - dermatologicaly tested

Dermatologically tested

MoliCare - Labels - Icon - 3 layers

Absorbent core with 3 layers to protect the skin and neutralize odours

Find your slip protection from 4 to 6 heavy urine losses*

Molicare - Premium - slip - extras plus

MoliCare® Premium slip extra plus

Absorbs up to 4 urine losses*

Molicare - Premium - slip - super plus

MoliCare® Premium slip super plus

Absorbs up to 5 urine losses*

Molicare - Premium - slip - Maxi

MoliCare® Premium slip maxi

Absorbs up to 6 urine losses*


*One urine loss indicates 200ml. The indication of absorbency is based on the effective absorbency of a product in M/L size when applied (= “Absorption before leakage”). It is normal to pass 5 or 6 times urine a day. At night it can hold up to 800 ml. Therefore, most people choose a more absorbent product at night